Precision fertilisation according to the latest technical standards.

The Duport Liquiliser has been specially developed for the injection of high-quality liquid fertilisers. The Liquiliser consists of a stable frame with so called ''injection wheels'' and has many advantages.

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Welcome to Duport

Duport is a family business based in the Netherlands, founded in 1967. Over the years, the company has developed into a specialist in fertiliser technology. Duport produces pump tankers, slurry injectors and Liquilisers ( liquid fertiliser injectors). Custom-made products are also no problem. We do all this with a very important thing in mind: always monitoring the Duport quality.

Duport has also recently taken over the German company Güstrower. Overloaders and precision spreaders are manufactured under this brand name. All machines both Duport and Güstrower are built in our production halls in a small town in the Netherlands, called Dedemsvaart.

Our specialisms

Slurry injectors

Duport is specialist in fertiliser technology. Our slurry injectors are known for their reliable technology and high residual value. Duport believes in the power of simplicity. If you are looking for unmatched manure distribution, under the most varying conditions, then Duport is the right choice for you.


The Duport Liquiliser is a liquid fertilizer injector or so-called ''spoked wheel'' injector, a unique machine specially developed for injecting high-quality liquid fertiliser. Duport is the only one to offer an extensive programme in this type of machines for grassland, grain, sports fields and in-row fertilisation such as maize and beet. This type of fertilisation offers a large number of advantages.


We have a dealer network in every country in which we operate. Our products are sold and serviced through our dealers. This means that you will always find a reliable dealer in your area who can offer you service close to home. Our dealers have the right knowledge and most common spare parts in stock.


We are always there for our customers! As soon as we are in contact with you, we look for the right way to solve your machine problems. Fortunately, this can often be done over the phone. But if necessary, we send our technicians on site to support you. We try to be flexible at all times with our staff, our spare parts warehouse and our service vans.

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Our Brands


Duport is our own brand and has been in existence since 1967. Over the years we have specialised more and more in fertilising techniques. In this area we carry a wide range of our own products under the Duport brand. All with the reliable quality of Duport.




  • Slurry injectors
  • Liquilisers (liquid fertiliser injector)
  • Liquiliser Pump tankers

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Duport 4-in-Line pomptankwagen met bemester


The originally German brand Güstrower has been fully integrated with Duport since 2021. The production of our chaser bin wagons and high-quality spreaders under this brand takes place in our production halls in Dedemsvaart (Netherlands).





  • Precision spreaders
  • Chaser bin wagons

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